I’m back. Again.

It’s been just about a week and a half. Parking is atrocious, the commute back from work is unpleasant, and there’s been a cloud hanging over my workplace for the past several mornings, which just isn’t comforting.

All in all, though, I finally feel like myself again. I’ve actually gone out and done things. I usually get to talk to people, in person, at my apartment. I’m not terrified of going to the laundry room.

I am a bit intimidated to park and then drive somewhere and try to park again. It would be a bit easier if the only non-zoned parking wasn’t on a hill and I could parallel park. I’ll work on that later.

So, Seattle’s not completely terrible. I’m surrounded by a city that has culture again. Oh, thank Heaven.

On another note, I’ve been stressed out due to GRE studies, grad school applications, and letters of recommendation. This is not an easy task, but I hope it’s insanely rewarding. I’m applying for a bunch of different schools (seven), and I hope one of them accepts me and offers me something enticing. I’m excited about the field I want to study, and seeing that it’s been a year since I realized I wanted to study higher education administration, I’m confident that this will work.

Anyway. I’m avoiding actually getting anything done, and there is a lot to take care of today. Farmer’s market, Target, laundry, unpacking (still), etc. For now, I’m outta here.

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