Hello, Dear Friends.

Ah, the ease of uploading photos to this blog.

Where do I begin today?

Well. The other night, I woke up to strange noises. In my confused state, I thought my neighbors were simply up partying, or whatever it is they do at 1AM. Turns out, someone was at my window, furtively prying off the screen. I purchased a knife after that, though I have a feeling I’ll accidentally stab my hand before using it to defend myself. That’s life in Everett, I suppose.

Due in part to C’s comment that he wants to shop at farmers markets more often, I think I will begin shopping at a few of the markets in Seattle. Yes, I’m moving to Seattle, as long as no one breaks into my apartment and steals my life away before then. It’s a good thing I’m not paranoid at all (sarcasm). Back to farmers markets, though– first of all, is it “farmers” or “farmers’?” Second of all, I always forget how much I enjoy the markets until I walk around for awhile. I feel much more at ease there. Third of all– free samples!

Anyway. I lost my train of thought somewhere between “free samples” and my lunch break.

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