Sunny Days

I’ve noticed that it’s hard to keep up a good mood on this side of the mountains. How I feel is very influenced by the weather. I know this, because I made the mistake one year of decorating my room in blues and drab neutrals. It was dark, and I spent all winter brooding. After that, I made sure to use magentas, oranges, yellows, etc. to brighten my living spaces up.

My junior and senior year at college were aided by the fact that I lived in a cheerful little house with yellow walls. Perfect.

Then I moved to whatever you want to call my current dwelling. It’s a cave, and it has been impossible to brighten that place up. I even got a new floor lamp.

On a related note, though, I just created a “Sunny Day Radio” station on Pandora. Jack Johnson, Hawaiian music, and upbeat folk rock has been helping me so far today. I needed something to get me past some frustration. It’s working to an extent. I won’t complain.

Lastly, I have tickets to one of my favorite bands of all time. I’m going to see Sunny Day Real Estate in October. Seattle emo, for the win. It will be grand.

Alright. Back to work. Then it’s off to sunny Wenatchee for Casey’s celebration of life and my dad’s 90th. I think I’ll need to stop by a local winery, too. Good idea? I think so.


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