An Exercise in Existence

I recently wrote a “Rants and Raves” entry for the Seattle craigslist. I didn’t publish it, but I did release quite a bit of emotion. I told my subject “I hate you” repeatedly, and unleashed some insults that were most likely unwarranted. Sometimes, though, you just have to let the city you’re living in know that it does not control you completely. It may be utterly depressing and lackluster, but it will not run my life.

That said, I wondered what living in Everett has taught me.

I don’t do well without roommates. I’m unmotivated in keeping my apartment tidy, and I’m uncreative in decorating and making my space a pleasant place to live.

I need tables and counter space. I need places to spread out my books and papers, my cooking ingredients, or whatever else I’m trying to do. I’m not a “stacks” person; I’m a “many little groups/piles” person.

I’m fond of learning. I’m fond of helping people learn. This is going to be a cornerstone in my professional advancement.

Everett may be the least-inspiring city I know, but at least I’ve learned a lot about myself. There’s nowhere else to go but up from here, right?

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